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It has no apparent function other than intellectual one-upmanship. Dover says: The study of evolution should be removed from teleological computer simulations, thought experiments, and wrong-headed juggling of probabilities, and put back into the laboratory and the field. In spite of these gaps, the fossil record is usually presented as evidence that evolution occurred in the past, even though we cannot see it in either the field or lab in the present. Generally, it seems that major groups are not assembled in a simple linear or progressive manner—new features are often "cut and pasted"—on different groups at different times.

It is precisely because there is so little evidence for either of their views that they can get away with so much speculation and disagreement. But the fossils don't really provide any solid evolutionary evidence either, whether for gradualism or punctuationism.

Wilson (of Harvard) probably filling that role in America.

A reviewer of Wilson's latest book notes that Wilson (best known as the leading advocate of sociobiology), His co-Darwinian, Dawkins, thinks it can all be solved somehow in terms of computer simulations and his "blind watchmaker." However, in trying to explain the human brain by natural selection, Wilson seems to have come to an impasse. The strangest feature of the process is that the capacity of the brain should far exceed the needs of mere survival.

Rather, they think the answers lie in , the ancient pagan idea that the earth is a giant organism itself—Mother Earth, as it were.

Richard Dawkins is the best-known neo-Darwinist in England, with Edward O.

A further curiosity is that, once the brain was fully formed, the enormous differentiation of cultures occupied mere millennia, while only the twinkling of an evolutionary eye separates us from the earliest records of any civilization.

He also believes in the same general sequence of events and the same order of appearance as evolutionists.Instead of such a simple solution as primeval divine creation, however, evolutionary biologists argue violently among themselves about the relative merits of neo-Darwinism, punctuated equilibrium, and creationist scientist such as Duane Gish.

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